Thursday, 24 October 2013


The past 2 years, I feel like all I have done is waited. It seems like I wait, and wait, and wait some more. And let me be honest here, I'm not very good at it!

With adoption...

- I have waited for CAS to approve us for adoption
- Waited for CAS to call us with a potential match
- Waited for the child CAS has called about to be born
- Waited for the child to be released from hospital and welcomed into our home
- Waited for CAS to get Crown Wardship
- Waited the 30 day period when birth parents can change their mind about revoking their rights as parents
- Waited for adoption probation (CAS puts you on adoption probation once they have been given crown are put on adoption probation until the adoption is finalized)
- Waited for a court date to be determined to finalize the adoption
- Waited for the court date to finally come

After all of the waiting with adoption, I didn't realize we would be waiting with IVF as well.

With IVF...

- I have waited for baseline bloodwork and ultrasound to come back before being referred to an OB/GYN
- Waited for the OB/GYN to run tests to see what the problem is
- Waited for the OB/GYN to refer me to the fertility clinic
- Waited for the fertility clinic to run more bloodwork and to do more ultrasounds
- Waited for an orientation appt with the fertility clinic
- Waited for my period to start so we could begin our first IVF attempt
- Waited for results of bloodwork and ultrasound to get the go ahead to start injections
- Waited for many blood test and ultrasound results in the course of 2 weeks while I was injecting myself with hormones daily
- Waited for the egg retrieval
- Waited for the results of how many eggs were retrieved
- Waited for pain from mild ovary hyper stimulation to subside
- Waited for the results of how many eggs were fertilized
- Waited for the result of how many fertilized eggs turned into embryos
- Waited for my first embryo transfer
- Waited for lab results to see how many blastocysts were frozen
- Waited for blood work to see if I was pregnant
- Waited 6 weeks to finish my miscarriage
- Waited 2 menstrual cycles to start the process of transfer #2
- Waited for my 2nd menstrual cycle to start
- Waited for several blood work and ultrasound results to come in over the next 2 weeks while I started taking progesterone...they had to monitor my uterine lining to make sure it was thick enough
- Waited for my transfer date
- Waited anxiously for the fertility team to come in on my transfer day and give me news of our blastocysts and if the first one survived the thaw (it did!!!)
- Was put on the two week wait to see what would happen
- Couldn't wait a full 2 weeks and after 6 days took a pregnancy test
- Waited 11 days to have a blood test (instead of the 13 they originally intended)
- Waited for the results of the blood test

Now I have to wait for an ultrasound on Nov. 15. I'm praying God sustains this life He has blessed us with and we see a healthy heart beat and a healthy baby!!!

Waiting is not something I enjoy doing. With adoption, all of our waiting was SO worth it. We have been truly blessed with our son...God has been so good to us. With our pregnancy now, God has blessed us with a miracle and I pray He continues to take care of our little one.

Matthew 19:26 "Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

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