Thursday, 10 October 2013


Today was our transfer. I arrived at the hospital and received a 'fancy' bracelet with all of my information on it. When my name was called I nearly jumped out of my seat. I walked along a long corridor, undressed from the waist down and walked into the transfer room (with a blanket around my waist...don't know what the point of covering up is when you have to lie on a bed with your legs spread wide).

I waited what seemed like forever for the team to walk in but when they did, they brought amazing news. The first blastocyst thawed with no problem!!! Thank you God!!! God answered one of my prayers. During the transfer, there was only a bit of pain when they stuck the catheter in and ejected our blastocyst from the catheter into my uterus.

It may seem strange, but I told this little blastocyst that I am it's mommy and it needs to latch on to my uterus grow into a healthy baby. I'm praying so hard!!!

God, please let this be the one. Please help and nurture this blastocyst so it can turn into a healthy baby. Give it the guidance, strength, and nutrition it needs. Please help me to remain calm and not dwell on the two week waiting period. I pray You will bless us with a healthy pregnancy that results in a healthy baby.

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