Monday, 21 October 2013

I Can Finally Breathe...Blood Results Are In

Having to wait until the afternoon to receive the blood test results seemed like I had to wait an entire week. I started to wonder how long it takes to analyze blood and wondered if my phone was working properly and eventually had to tell myself to stop being so ridiculous.

The nurse called at 2:10pm with good news. At luteal day 18, they like to see the hCG level above a 200. I'm at luteal day 15 and my hCG is at 456!!! I'm so thrilled!! It was like music to my ears. We talked about my spotting and she said some women do experience some spotting in pregnancy and to call the clinic if it turns into a bright red flow. I haven't seen anymore spotting since late this morning and I'm so grateful to God...I pray He continues to work on this miracle that is happening inside of me.

We go for an ultrasound on November 15 which is my husband's birthday. I pray we see the heartbeat!!

All I can do now is sit back and try to relax and enjoy our pregnancy. It's really hard for me to do that though because we have tried so hard and have waited so long. It's been a very bumpy ride but I know that through God, ALL things are possible.

Praise the Lord!

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