Tuesday, 15 October 2013


It hasn't even been a week since the transfer and I want to know! The 2 week wait seems like an eternity...I could only imagine how things would go over if women had to wait an entire month to find out! Although, in a sense, that does happen sometimes...it happened to my husband and I during our last transfer. We found out we were pregnant, but my hCG levels were far to low. It took a month for my body to miscarry the pregnancy...it's devastating.

Going through another transfer is really bringing out my feelings about my miscarriage...I kind of just brushed it under the rug, but now it's hitting me...it was real, it happened. We were pregnant and we lost our precious gift...the only thing that is comforting is that I will get to hold my baby in Heaven. Everything happens for a reason...sometimes it's hard to understand though.

Good things come to those who wait...does waiting impatiently count as well?

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