Monday, 14 March 2016

Update on Finn

Just wanted to leave a little update about Finn's first trip. Finn made it safely to his new home. Finn is safe and sound. This is a big relief but it is all part of God's plan for Finn :) I will continue to pray for God to watch over Finn and his new family.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Finn's First Trip

Yesterday, I received confirmation that Finn was on his way home. Finn was being shipped from my fertility clinic to a fertility clinic on the other side of the country! He is going to have quite a story to share and I have been praying so hard that he will get to share his story.

Yesterday, was another day where I struggled to process my feelings. I felt sad and had to fight back tears. And I think a part of me will always be sad because Finn was my baby right from the very beginning, he wasn't just some frozen embryo, he was always my beautiful frozen embaby. But now he has a new family, an incredible family who has already done so much for Finn. Together, we are giving Finn the best possible chance at life. Without this family, Finn wouldn't even be here right now and I can't even imagine that. It's this part of Finn's story that makes me so incredibly happy and will always outweigh my sad moments. Words can't truly express how grateful I am. To me, this part of Finn's story is a miracle, a miracle that God has given me.

It's because of this miracle that I am only thinking positive for Finn and for Finn's new family.