Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I've been on medication during the IVF process. I've been taking Estrogen and Progesterone and both will be running out shortly. Estrogen will be gone in 4 days and Progesterone will be gone by the beginning of next week.

I'm so scared to stop the progesterone. My fertility doctor has assured me it's fine. He went as far to say that once there is a heartbeat, you don't need the progesterone. Still, I worry and think they should check my levels before they make me quit cold turkey. But then again, I am not a doctor. I did not study medicine for years and specialize in this field.

I think this all comes down to me wanting this healthy pregnancy so badly. I want to be able to see my baby on ultrasounds and see the flutter of the heart. I want to be able to feel the baby kick and punch and turn about inside of me. I want my husband and son to be able to put their hands on my belly and feel the baby. I want to be able to have the experience of labour and all of the pain that comes with it. I want the experience of meeting my baby for the very first time, when they are still covered in all the goo.

I pray God gives us this gift and blesses us with one of His children.


  1. I was terrified to stop the progesterone. Terrified. But, if it's any consolation, I stopped two weeks ago, and heard a beautiful heartbeat, and saw a wiggly baby three days ago....

    Also, I CANNOT believe you don't see an OB till 35 weeks. I'm praying for peace for you until then, and as always, health for you and Baby!

  2. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one scared to stop progesterone...I'm happy to hear that everything is still well once you stopped...it's very encouraging.