Thursday, 5 December 2013

I Feel Like My Doctor May Dislike Me

Yesterday I spent the better half of the morning on and off the phone with my family doctor's receptionist and my nurse at the fertility clinic. My family doctor's receptionist is great. At one point, I broke down crying on the phone and she was great...she told me not to apologize and that she knows this is stressful but I need to try not to stress.

The reason why I broke down is because I had spoken to my fertility nurse beforehand and she told me that this is my healthcare and if I want to be seen by an OB, that I have that right to have a referral sent. She told me I'm not high risk but she said that my pregnancy is not straight forward because of the bleeding, the IVF, and all of the scar tissue I have from multiple abdominal surgeries. I told all of this to the receptionist through tears.

My family doctor originally wanted me to call the fertility clinic to see if they would do an ultrasound for me, but my nurse told me they couldn't, which I knew.

But later that day I received a phone call from my nurse saying my family doctor faxed my fertility doctor asking to do an ultrasound because I was "bleeding profusely." Now my nurse knew I wasn't bleeding profusely but that I had gushing blood in the morning that was slowing down over the day. But she said my fertility doctor agreed to do the ultrasound and that it's good my family doctor stretched the truth because it will ease my mind.

My family doctor's receptionist also told me that they sent in a referral to a high risk OB. I didn't request to be sent to a high risk one, I just wanted to be sent to a regular would just make me feel more comfortable during the pregnancy. I'm used to the fertility clinic where I could call anytime and speak to a nurse and I feel I would have the same thing at an OB and if they thought there was a problem, there would be no waiting for an ultrasound, I could be brought in the next day or brought in to listen to the heart on a doppler.

I'm so happy I was able to have an ultrasound this morning. It looks like the blood must have been the second blood pocket because it's gone now!! I was so thrilled and even more thrilled that Lil Bubs is doing great. Lil Bubs is measuring 11 weeks 2 days.

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