Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Good-Bye Medication

Yesterday morning, I said farewell to my Progesterone suppositories (AKA vagina balls). It's not that I hated them or anything, okay, I did. I couldn't stand them! They smelt SO's all I could smell and it made me sick, they were messy, and in general, I just hated using them.

Even though I couldn't stand these things, I was afraid to stop them. I wasn't as afraid to stop my Estrogen (which happened on Saturday) as I was the Progesterone. It's funny how the brain can just fixate on something. But so far so good. I don't miss having to take the progesterone one bit.

I was almost giddy yesterday morning when I took my last one. I took a picture of the package just so I could remember it fondly. I normally took 2 balls 3 times a day but when I got one of the packets, one of the foil pockets had been punctured and so my paranoid brain decided to through out that ball.

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