Monday, 2 December 2013

Clothes Are Not Fitting

It's come to my attention that my clothes are not fitting me quite the same as they used to. I can't seem to get my pants to button up anymore and my zipper only wants to go up halfway. I bought a Bella Band and it's wonderful. I have to readjust it every so often, but its well worth it...its the only way I can wear my pants!!

My shirts seem to be that much more revealing, but I think that's because my breasts have gotten quite a bit larger.

On the weekend I treated myself and bought two new bras and some new undies. I had myself fitted and I had to chuckle when they told me I should be wearing a size smaller than what I was now. Do you see the bra I'm wearing now? Do you see how I'm popping out of it? And you want me to go a size smaller? Oh boy! I tried on 5 different sizes and styles before we found one that fit me good and it's not the size they said I should be (duh!!). The new bras are so comfortable. No more popping out and achy boobs because of a bad fitting bra. The undies I bought are also fabulous. I bought a size larger than I normally do and I made sure to find pairs without elastic bands of any sort (elastic bands make me feel even more uncomfortable).

And to top it off, I got my undies for free! The store I was in had a sale that if you spend $100, you save 40%. My bras alone were over $60 so I was pretty happy to spend free money after that!

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