Sunday, 6 April 2014

100 Days of Pregnancy: Days 85 and 84

Hello Third Trimester! It's amazing to be saying that. Now the next big date is the due date...come on June 29th!

The hubby and I have decided to start doing a cash budget to help set aside a bit more money for my maternity leave. It's also good practice for when I'm off the year because we'll need to watch our spending. So on Saturday night, once J was finally asleep (that was interesting because he learned how to climb over his baby gate...I heard little feet pattering upstairs in the kitchen) I made cash envelopes. There are envelopes for groceries, gas, repairs, medical/dental, pets, clothes/gifts, and entertainment. The way they work is once the money in the envelope for the week is spent, that's it. You have to wait until next week. And any money that is leftover just gets added to the next week. Hubby and I also get our own weekend allowance. This way we can't complain about something the other bought. It's our spending money and we can do as we please.  I'll try to remember tomorrow to add a photo of my envelopes since I can't from my iPad.

As for J being super sneaky and breaking the child lock on his door and climbing over the baby gate, I'm hoping I fixed the problem. I fixed the child lock (it came with a spare part) and raised the baby gate a bit (but not too high because I know he would just climb under it). He can still sometimes manage to out smart the child lock but I'm hoping we can break that habit! 


  1. Do you use the door knob things for his doors? I know my kids can't figure them out and they are so hard for me to take off the knobs it would be really difficult for a kid to break them.

    1. Our door handles are the lever kind, so to open the door, instead of twisting it, you pull down on it (which makes it super easy for kids to figure out how to open doors at a young age). We have a regular door knob on a spare door in the laundry room that we took down from the rec room so I'm thinking of taking that door knob off for now and then I'll be able to buy one of those things that you posted.

    2. They make those doorknob covers/locks for lever doorknobs as well. But they just aren't sold everywhere. I know I have seen them at Menards...if you have that store near you.