Sunday, 13 April 2014

100 Days of Pregnancy: Day 77

Today has been another busy day. We started it off by going I church (we haven't been since the summer because I bowled in a league with my dad every Sunday morning, but that ended last weekend). Church was great and J loved the Adventureland. Normally when I leave the house, even leave a room he's in, he has a meltdown. He needs to be everywhere I am (and  not complaining because I know there will be a day when he doesn't want me around because I'll embarrass him in front of his friends).  When we dropped him off at Adventureland, as soon as I put him down, he was off exploring the room and meeting the other young kids (he's in a group of toddlers under 2). When church was over and we went to pick him up, he didn't want to leave. I'm so glad he loves to play with other kids. He's just so sweet.

In the afternoon I went to a friend's kids' birthday party with J. He was really well behaved for not having his nap and having a busy morning. Then my mom and I took him for a walk thinking he would take a power nap. Nope, he was too busy looking around.

Needless to say, I'm exhausted. I'll be sleeping well tonight. Tomorrow I have a growth ultrasound, OB appointment, and pre-admit appointment. I'm nervous about the ultrasound because I haven't been feeling this little guy very much the past couple of days. I don't know if it's because I've just been so busy and haven't been paying attention (I hope that's all it is). And  nervous about what the OB will say about my weight because I think I've lost some. I'm so glad my ultrasound is at 8am. I just want to see that this little guy is doing good. My faith is in God and I know He's probably telling me to just take a breath and enjoy the pregnancy. I still worry all the time, but I pray everytime I do.

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