Wednesday, 16 April 2014

100 Days of Pregnancy: Day 74

It's the middle of April and the past two mornings, I have had to clean my vehicle of snow and frost. Seriously Mother Nature, wake up...the Easter bunny is coming this weekend, not Santa. It looks like it's supposed to warm up again starting tomorrow, just in time for the weekend.

When my brother visited a few weeks ago, he brought his girlfriend with him. We were talking about diaper rash and sensitive skin and she brought up coconut oil. I had heard of coconut oil before, but I had no idea how useful the stuff was. She started telling me all of the different things you can use it for and gave me a jar to try out. I have to say, I'm in love with the stuff. I use it mainly on J, but like to use it on my growing belly as well. It does wonders for J's skin (who has super sensitive skin). In case you didn't know, coconut oil is anti-fungal and it's perfect as a diaper rash cream and can even clear up a yeast infection. J had one not too long ago so I thought I would try out it's effectiveness instead of getting a prescription for him, and within a couple of days, it was cleared up. It's nice to know it works so well for him and I'm hoping it works well for the new baby as well. I also really like to use it instead of baby lotion on J because sometimes the baby lotion burns his dry skin and causes more irritation, whereas the coconut oil soothes his skin.

So coconut oil is something I always want to have on hand. And now that we are using cloth diapers and you can't just use any regular diaper rash cream, it's a bonus to know that coconut oil is safe to use in cloth diapers. If you haven't tried the stuff, I would suggest reading about it online and all of it's may find it useful too.

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