Saturday, 12 April 2014

100 Days of Pregnancy: Days 79 & 78

Yesterday, I was so tired. I left work thinking that I was glad my hubby had the night off so I could have some help with J. I've been thinking a lot about cloth diapers and think it just seems silly to be spending more money on disposable diapers for J when we plan on cloth diapering the new baby. So why not start collecting them? This way we can use them on J and then use them on the baby as well. I went to a second hair children's store after work and bought 3 Kushies cloth diapers. I put one on J this afternoon after his swimming lessons and then again after his bath (he's sleeping in one right now as well). I was able to experience a poopy diaper and I have to say, it would probably be easier if we had a diaper sprayer or the liners for the diaper that you can just flush in the toilet. But I managed. And today, I bought a whole lot off of Kijiji. There are 24 cloth diapers, a handful of extra liners, a handful of plastic covers (in J's case, I'm sure he'll need the plastic covers since he is bigger and would have a larger pee than a smaller baby), and a roll of diaper liners. I'm currently washing them now (my washing machine has a handy sanitize cycle, the only thing is it's 2 hours long).

Two of my good friends are also throwing me a baby shower so I'm going to ask for more cloth diapers (I'm going to need smaller ones since these ones seem to be bigger). I'm thinking I want the Applecheeks that are sold at a store in town. There was a lady there who was so helpful. She cloth diapers and she said it's nice to have a few different brands of cloth diapers in your stash. She also told me that the Applecheeks seem expensive ($18 for one) but normally you can get 3 wears out of that one diapers because all you have to do is change the liner). So I think those will be best for the new baby to start with and then by the time he grows out of those, J will be potty trained and done with the bigger ones. So needless to say, I can't wait for my sprinkle shower!!

Today, has been super busy. It started off by cleaning the backyard of all the dog poop (it was nicely covered by snow before, but since it's all melted, it was time to clean it up) and doing some laundry. Then, I had swimming lessons with J and he did amazing today (it must have been the 6 timbits he ate beforehand). While J napped after his swimming, hubby and I cleaned the vehicles, raked all the leaves out of the front garden, brought out the porch swing, cleaned J's tricycle, Fisher Price car, and his wagon, then we took J to a park and walked around and let him play at the playground. After that, I gave J a haircut (it's much cheaper and much less stressful for him for me to do it...and I'm doing a pretty good job!!). Now I'm just relaxing waiting for my load of diapers to finish so I can throw them in the dryer.

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