Monday, 14 April 2014

100 Days of Pregnancy: Day 76

Today, I had my OB appt, a growth ultrasound, and a pre-admit appointment. The pre-admit appointment went well. I filled out some papers on what my plan was and what I wanted to try. The nurse was nice and when asked about an epidural, she didn't try to convince me into wanting it. Instead, she gave me other options and told me I could even try nitrous oxide (laughing gas) during contractions.

I was so nervous for my ultrasound because I hadn't felt the baby move much at all in the past couple of days. But as soon as the ultrasound started, he woke up. He's already like his mama and doesn't like anyone in his personal bubble. He's siting breach again but we did get a cute photo of his profile. He's measuring a week ahead at 30 weeks 2 days and weighs approximately 3lbs 3oz. When I was able to see the ultrasound, he was wiggling around and I even got to see him wiggling his little toes.

My OB appointment also went well. She wasn't concerned with my weight. We did talk about the bad pain I've been having in my side and how it's an every day thing now. She talked about pain meds but I wouldn't be able to take them if I'm driving to and from work every day. So I'm going to look into sick leave and see what happens. She was happy with the baby's growth and she didn't see anything on the placenta. Normally the ultrasound techs will make note of it but they didn't this time and she couldn't see anything. That could be because the pictures didn't show the placental lake or because it's gone. She said the placenta looks as it should.

So my appointments went well today and this little guy has been active for me :)

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