Saturday, 26 April 2014

100 Days of Pregnancy: Day 64

Today has been a busy day. One of our dogs, Dodger, was sick the past two days and had to be crated. When he's sick, it seems his body doesn't function properly and he has a hard time urinating, hence the need for the crate so he doesn't have an accident in the house. It's much easier to clean his blankets in his crate than it is to constantly be washing floors or carpets. We have to set the crate up by the back door so he has a quick exit to the backyard when he has to go. But let me tell you, his crate is huge. It's the biggest size you can buy. He's a big greyhound! Since he was feeling better today, I gave him a wash to get him feeling his best, washed all the floors on my hands and knees instead of just with the mop, vacuumed and even vacuumed around all the baseboards, did 3 loads of laundry and folded it all, and went grocery shopping.

As a special treat, my husband took me out for dinner and my parents watched J so we wouldn't have to rush. We went to Kelsey's and I pigged out. I ordered the spinach dip to start, so good, and then a huge burger for dinner. I had to squish it with my hads just so I could take a bite of it. Then we walked around the mall for a bit...we only went there to buy lightbulb but I got an early Mother's Day gift :) a Chicago Blackhawks sweater and sweatpants. They are so comfy.

When we got home, it was past J's bedtime so I read him a story and he was asleep as soon as I left the room. He didn't even move! Hopefully I can fall asleep soon!

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