Tuesday, 10 October 2017

No News

So during my last post, I would say that my theme song was Walking on Sunshine. At the moment, I would say my theme song is more along the lines of So Hard. I was so sure my day one would show up this weekend and when it didn't it just left me feeling deflated. My emotions are at the end at the moment and I'm just feeling so empty. I know this is probably all pms because my day one is late. But why can't anything just go right? Or happen when it's supposed to happen?

I find myself doing double takes at the toilet paper hoping for my monthly visitor. How things have changed this month. Instead of scrutinizing a negative test, I'm scrutinizing toilet paper. I have to admit, infertility makes me do some strange things. I hope I'm not alone!

So as of right now, no news on day one or starting my meds.

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