Monday, 24 March 2014

100 Days of Pregnancy: Day 97

Today, I had a growth ultrasound, an OB appointment, and the glucose test. I was anticipating it to be a long day so I took the day off work. Being at the hospital for a few hours exhausts me.

The ultrasound went well. Lil Bubs was wiggling around on the screen. He must not like to have his picture taken because for the past month he's been facing away and doesn't let the tech get a profile shot (so I have a few shots of him face on which I love just the same). They still noted the pool of blood at the bottom of the placenta.  I don't expect it to go away.

The glucose drink was surprisingly really good. It was a sweet version of orange soda. I was told I needed to have to down in 5 minutes...30 seconds was more than enough. Than exactly an hour later I had my blood drawn. I'm not sure if I'll hear from my doctor if everything comes back okay. I'm assuming I'll only be called if I failed the test.

And finally, the OB appointment. It wasn't my normal OB, but another high risk doctor. She was very pleasant but I've grown accustomed to my doctor and how she works. She seemed happy with the ultrasound and with how Lil Bubs was doing. She also had the results of hubby's blood test for thalassemia and his test came back negative. This is good news. It means that I can only pass on the thalassemia minor trait to this baby and there's no risk of thalassemia major being passed on. I still pray that this type of anemia isn't passed on at all!! I asked her about labouring in the tub and she kind of rained on my parade (but I'm happy she gave me an honest gives me some time to prepare). She said due to my low hemoglobin levels, I will more than likely have to be monitored the whole labour and delivery. She also said that because of my ileostomy, it may be necessary for me to have an internal heart monitor for the baby instead of the usual one that gets strapped to the belly. Because I was already asking questions about labour, she wants me to have my pre admit in 3 weeks. Hopefully they'll go over all of my options for labour and delivery and I'll be able to have a plan B that I am comfortable with. In three weeks I also have another appointment and another ultrasound.

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