Friday, 28 March 2014

100 Days of Pregnancy: Day 93

I am happy to say that J had a great night last night. Our bedtime routine started at 8pm. I sat on the floor beside his bed and read to him for 20 minutes. He wasn't really paying much attention...he was too busy running laps (on the bed, off the bed, around the room, repeat). I then turned off the light and stood in his room for about 3 minutes and kept telling him that it was bedtime. I wanted him to get used to the darker room. He's dinosaur night light isn't as bright as the one in his nursery. I then turned on his penguin music maker, tried to lay him in bed, told him how much I love him, and then left the room. I stood outside his bedroom door and held the door closed. I figured this would be my best option. He came to the door about 5 times to try and open it. It also cried a bit as well (kids sure know how to tug at your heart strings). After about 20 minutes, I was pretty sure he was sleeping in his bed and I slowly walked away from the door.

It seemed that every little noise that was made last night was 10 times louder. I for sure thought the toilet flushing in the night would wake him up since it shares a wall with his bed, but it didn't. And I swear the dogs were acting strange last night too...probably wondering why J was sleeping in a different room. They just would not settle once he was sleeping.

It's funny how this new routine for him is such a big deal for me as well. My baby is growing up! He's no longer a baby. He's a little man. A little man with a big personality and a big heart.

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