Monday, 9 April 2018

100 Days of Pregnancy

My last pregnancy, at the 100 day mark I started to write daily blogs so I could remember my last 100 days. I've decided I'm going to do it with this pregnancy too. Yesterday actually marked 100 days until baby's due date so today is day 99.

Yesterday, day 100, was a sad one for me. Hubby left in the morning for a business trip out of country and these pregnancy hormones had me missing him before he had even left. So needless to say, yesterday was a long day for me but I seem to be feeling better today (still missing him though).

This morning was an early morning for me as I had 2 ultrasounds scheduled at 7:15 and 8:15 followed by my OB appointment at 9. The one ultrasound was to measure my cervix and look at the placenta and the other was a growth scan. Baby's measurements were good and baby is approximately 1 lb 15 oz. My placenta still has not moved, liked at all. I'm praying that it will move but preparing myself for a c-section. I try not to think about a c-section too much because it really stresses me out and I'm still upset that I may not get to deliver vaginally. I really wanted that experience again and to be able to share it with Chris.  I just loved the whole labour and delivery last time and I'm sad that may not happen this time. My OB is going to get in touch with my pediatric surgeon to ask her who she recommends to be in the OR during the c-section and so that I can hopefully consult with this surgeon sooner rather than later about what type of incision they would be able to do. My OB explained why she is worried that the standard incision will not work. With the standard incision, they still have to be able to reach up pretty much to the belly button. With all of my scar tissue, she is worried that everything will be stuck and they won't have the free movement that they will need. I'm trying not to think too much into it because it gets me too worked up. At 35 weeks when it is set in stone, that's when I'll have to process it fully.

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