Monday, 16 April 2018

100 Days of Pregnancy: Days 94 - 92

This past weekend we had quite the storm. Luckily, hubby made it home safe and sound before the rain/ice hit. Saturday we were able to get out and create our baby registry. We had fun doing it and are happy with the items on it. When we finished and they wrote down our final number of items on the list, I thought we had done well with 29 items...until I saw the other lists that were all 80+. I guess that's what happens when you saved everything from your first two. We added items like a new pack and play that comes with a changing pad and bassinet, bottles, bedding, toys, bath time items, monitor, changing pad, some sleep sacs. We added lots of things we knew that we needed.

Sunday was a nice lazy day for us. Being surrounded by ice, you can't do too much. I was able to finish the quilt I was working on for baby and I love how it turned out. Photos to come of both the quilt and the crocheted blanket I made. I have to spoil all of my babes with handmade goodies!

And today, well today we woke up with no power and it doesn't look like it will be restored until tomorrow evening. So this evening will be interesting. I'm not sure what I'm going to do without everything that we are accustomed to. Thank goodness for gas fireplaces though to heat the house a bit because I can only imagine how cold it is!

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