Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Currently I Am...

Currently I Am...

Enjoying: My new shampoo and conditioner. I went to a bridal show a few weekends ago and received a Kerstase sample and loved how my hair felt after I used it. So much so that I spent the moola and now get to use it on a regular basis. 

Feeling: Anxious and excited about our IVF orientation appointment that is coming up next month. I'm just ready for it to be here so we can have more answers about wait times and such. 

Wishing: For the warm weather to stay!

Loving: Our basement! It is done to the point where we can use it. Baseboards still need to be installed and window and door trim, but that can all come later. It was Chris' birthday not long ago so since he's worked so hard to finish it, we got him a TV to go in it. 

Hating: That I didn't bring anything salty for lunch...a PB&J sandwich just is not cutting it today.

Anticipating: This weekend. Chris is in a hockey tournament and I always enjoy watching him play. 

Watching: Survivor, Gray's Anatomy (which I have to get caught up on), Imposters, Big Brother (I'm slowly getting into it...it always takes me a while to get hooked), and Nashville (which I've been watching on Netflix on my lunch hour).

Reading: What She Knew and Voyageur from the Outlander Series ... Still reading these 2. 

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