Wednesday, 9 December 2015

This Christmas

This Christmas will be different for many reasons. The Christmas of 2012 I was celebrating that Joshua had become adoptable and soon I would be going to Happy Court to adopt him. I was also celebrating Joshua’s first Christmas. The Christmas of 2013 I was pregnant and anxious for June to arrive to meet my Lil Bubs. The Christmas of 2014 I was celebrating Grayson’s first Christmas and also mine and Chris’ first Christmas together as a family.

This Christmas, the Christmas of 2015, is different, but it is just as special as the Christmases I mentioned above.  I have so much to celebrate and so much to be grateful for. I am so very grateful for my family. Words cannot describe how much I love my small little family of 4 and how very blessed I feel. This Christmas, I will be celebrating the love in our hearts and the big smiles on my sons’ faces. I will be celebrating the laughter that will fill our new home. 

I am so excited for this Christmas and I think that has a lot to do with how happy I am. I am so incredibly blessed with everything God has blessed me with! 

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