Saturday, 10 October 2015

Because of God

Two years ago today, I had my frozen embryo transfer. I was pregnant until proven otherwise and I was extremely blessed because that otherwise never came. It still amazes me every day when I look in G’s beautiful big blue eyes and see his smiling face. It amazes me how far he has come. It amazes me that he was created in a lab and was closely watched by a lab tech to watch his growth. It amazes me that he struggled a little bit to grow in the beginning, but that hope was not given up on him. It amazes me that he was once a tiny frozen blastocyst. It amazes me how much he went through before he was even transferred inside of me. G was frozen and not used for the fresh transfer because he was not the strongest blastocyst, he was not the “superstar.” But doctors only know so much. It’s because of my faith in God that I know that anything is possible.

As I sit here in awe of my blonde hair, blue eyed beauty, I know that God’s power is far greater than anything I could ever imagine. I know that I needed extra help to get pregnant, but it wasn’t an infertility team that did that for me, it was God. God blessed that team with a special gift and a special calling. God kept me healthy and gave my body the strength it needed to carry a pregnancy. And God blessed that precious life and had a plan for it before I even knew it existed. 

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