Friday, 9 May 2014

100 Days of Pregnancy: Day 51

I was just reading one of the blogs I follow over at Man and Wife and Two Fur Babies and she's having a link up, so I thought I would join in and do the ABC survey...

Addictions:  shopping
Bed size:  Queen...but if we had room in our bedroom, I'd want a king

Chore you hate:  cleaning the floors...ugh!! Normally I just sweep and then mop but every so often I like to clean them on my hands and knees (not so easy when you're pregnant either)
Dogs or cats: I like both...but cats are definitely easier

Essential start of your day:  I have to brush my teeth first thing
Favorite color:  pink
Gold or silver: gold
Height:  5'5"
Instruments you play (or have played):  Does a recorder count in grade school? Lol
Jobs titles you’ve had: swing manager and administrative assistant
Kids you want to have:  I want 3 or 4...hubby wants 2
Live: Oh Canada!!
Mom’s name: Mary-Anne
Nickname:  Missy
Overnight hospital stays: LOTS
Pet peeve:  clutter

Quote from a movie: "Nobody puts baby in a corner" I love Dirty Dancing
Right or left handed:  right
Siblings: An older brother
Time you wake up: 7:40
Under My Bed: Probably a few dog toys

Vegetables you dislike:  Celery
What makes you run late:  Trying to get a toddler ready...haha, running around the house trying to get little arms in a little jacket is becoming more and more difficult. And then realizing you forgot something like a sippy cup and having to turn around.
X-rays you’ve had done: again, LOTS
Yummy food you make:  Not too sure because everything seems to taste better to me when I don't have to cook it!
Zoo animal: Definitely the giraffe. I would love to be able to stay at the Giraffe Manor one day.

This is my kind of breakfast!

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