Monday, 12 May 2014

100 Days of Pregnancy: Day 48

I can't believe there are less than 50 days until the due date. That blows my mind. I also can't believe I'll be running out to purchase another bottle of prenatal vitamins...why don't drug companies just make one bottle that will last the entire pregnancy?

How far along? 33 weeks 1 day

Total weight gain? 27 lbs ...I'll find out if the number has gone up or down on Thursday at my next OB appt.

Maternity clothes? Yes...but I desperately want more dresses or some is getting SO hot and I've never liked to be overly hot.

Stretch marks? I have a small stretch mark that just showed up a few days ago right above my belly button where my piercing used to be. The skin there is pretty tight. So far, two stretch marks that I know of. 

Sleep: I've been sleeping better but have been having to sleep with the window open because I'm so hot. Who knew the body could sweat in so many places.

Best moments this week: Watching J play at church...they had a bubble maker on and he was trying to catch the bubbles with a cup and was just so happy about it. 

Miss anything? I miss not having full hearing in my right ear. And I miss not being short of breath all the time.

Food cravings/aversions: I love to eat but I never know what to eat because food is just not appealing to me...I thought pregnancy was supposed to bring on food cravings! Not for me. 

Showing? Yes

Gender: It's a BOY!!!!!

Labour signs: Not yet

Symptoms: Heartburn, sciatic nerve pain occasionally, cramps in my calves each night, leaky boobs, shortness of breath

Belly button in or out? It's becoming more flat each week.

Wedding ring on or off? Off, but I'm wearing my "Love Knot" ring

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy and really anxious to meet this little guy

Looking forward to: The weekend and it's only Monday!! Work just seems to be getting harder and harder. I can't get comfy at my desk, my shortness of breath worsens, and the pain in my side is terrible. The OB may just be writing that note after all for sick leave. 

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