Wednesday, 26 March 2014

100 Days of Pregnancy: Day 95

I can't say it enough...I am ready for the nice weather to get here. On Monday, since J refused to take a nap for me (talk about willpower), I decided it was nice enough to go for a walk. Even though snow was in the forecast, the sidewalks were clear. So I bundled him up, put the plastic stroller cover on so he wouldn't get a red nose, zipped up my sweater, and off we went. It was so nice to just get out and it brought back memories of when I was off on paternity leave with him and we did this all the time. After about 5 minutes, he was passed out...I knew he was tired, but when I'm home, he just wants to be around me and not in his crib.

Going for a walk made me so excited for my maternity leave. I can't wait. I'll be able to have an entire year off with my two boys. There's nothing better than being home with my family. We always have so much fun. Everything is close by and in walking distance so the stroller/wagon/tricycle/car (whatever J's mood is) gets lots of use.

Come on sunny weather!!!

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