Thursday, 27 March 2014

100 Days of Pregnancy: Day 94

I am feeling optimistic today and that I may just have a tiny bit more willpower than J does. So I am going to attempt to try and get him to sleep in his new room in his big boy bed. He loves his new room. He likes the bright walls, the curtains, and playing in his room, so it is a happy place for him. But sleeping in a bed without bars all around it is a big change for him. It's part of his security gone. As an adult, we see a new bed or new mattress generally as a good thing, but a toddler doesn't process things the way we do. They like to hold onto everything and everything is essentially theirs.

My plan for this evening is to bring him into his big boy bed at 8pm. I'm going to give him his dinosaur night light (which doesn't need to be plugged into the wall because I know he would just unplug a normal night light and the socket would then be unprotected by anything) and his penguin music/noise/light maker. I'll read him a few stories (although I don't think he will stay in bed for the stories) and then try to explain to him that it is bedtime and mama is going to close the door so he can sleep. He knows how to open our doors (those pull down door knobs are super easy for kids to figure out) so I'm going to put a baby gate in the door jam. I'm going to lock the dogs in the living room with me (thanks to French doors and a baby gate in the other entrance to the living room) so that when he opens up his door, he won't have the dogs running down the hall to entertain him. I'm expecting him to cry and possibly scream. I'm hoping to be able to let him cry it out for 20 minutes before I go back in to lay him down in his bed.

I'm really hoping I can stick to my plan and not give in. I'm going to try and keep him super busy this evening to tire him out as much as possible. Once I can get him comfortable and able to sleep in his new room, I can start rearranging the nursery and moving all of his clothes into his new room and moving the baby clothes into the nursery.

Wish me luck!!

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