Friday, 21 March 2014

100 Days of Pregnancy: Day 100

I still can't believe that there is only 100 days left until this little guy's due date. I'm in awe of the miracle that is growing inside of me. He seems to already have a bit of a personality...he likes his personal space. If I'm resting my arms on my belly or have my iPad resting on it, he kicks at it, as if to say "hey there, get out of my space."

Today's been a fairly good's Friday and Friday's are always great. Our dog, Dodger, is sick and that can be quite stressful. When he gets sick, he has problems emptying his bladder so he needs to be crated, which he doesn't mind at all (I think he likes the comfort it gives him and I like it because it's a lot easier to clean the blankets in the crate than it is to try to clean pee out of carpet). The only downside to the crate is it's HUGE and we have to have it set up by the back door for quick access out of the house when he has a "peeing episode." We have no idea what causes him to get sick and have bladder issues. We've spent close to $2000 at the vet just to be told that nothing is wrong. We think it has to do with stress and anxiety (he's a very sensitive dog). Normally, these episodes last 2-3 days and then he's back to his normal self again. I'm hoping he's feeling better later today when I get home.

Meet Dodger - Relaxing on a hot day

The sun is shining and it's +2 today, which makes for an even better Friday. Not to mention I'm very excited for this weekend because my bother will be in town visiting with my niece! It'd her second birthday on Monday so we are celebrating on Sunday. I can't wait to see them. Plus, this means I don't have to cook on Saturday because my mom is making a big family dinner for all of us (bonus!!).

This evening I'm also going to be getting my hair trimmed and my bangs cut (I have no bangs right now because they've grown out). I'm really looking forward to it because lately I've been feeling so frumpy. I don't feel beautiful. People are telling me I have a glow and I'm just thinking "I don't feel like I'm glowing." So hopefully the hair cut will help (it's been 7 months).

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  1. Cute dog!! Glad to hear your pregnancy is still going well :)