Thursday, 29 October 2015

Only Just A Dream

Last night I had a really restless sleep. I was able to sleep, but I woke up feeling tired and hating every dream I had. I can remember one dream I was being chased around a hotel and I just kept riding up and down the elevator and switching it up to the stairs at some points in my dream to get away from whoever was chasing me.

But my next set of dreams were so cruel when I woke up. They made me want to cry and I so badly wanted them to be true. I kept having dreams where I would take a pregnancy test and there would be two lines, both so dark. I had this same dream 3 times last night and each time I woke up I thought about how cruel the dreams were.

I don’t want to have dreams like that because that’s all they are, dreams, dreams I so desperately want to be true. But they are not. They are not my reality. 

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