Monday, 9 September 2013

My Year in a Summary

Growing up I never even imagined that I would need IVF to become pregnant. I always thought getting pregnant would be easy. As many women and families know, IT IS NOT. And it is something that should never be taken for granted. And please, please do not ever complain about being pregnant because you never know if the person you are complaining to is experiencing the pain of infertility and would do anything to be experiencing the beautiful gift of pregnancy.

I literally want to scream when anyone complains about being pregnant. AT LEAST YOU ARE PREGNANT...this is how I just spent my last 2 months:

20 self injections 
8 blood tests
4 ultrasounds
1 egg retrieval
1.5 weeks of intense pain
1 blastocyst transfer
2 blastocysts frozen
LOTS of hope, excitement, and inticipation
1 miscarriage (failed IVF attempt)
Heartbreak, defeat
FEAR that the frozen blastocysts will not thaw
FEAR that after all of this, we may not get pregnant

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