Wednesday, 23 May 2018

100 Days of Pregnancy: Days 61-56

I dont remember the last time I have ever had so many appointments. I have had an appointment pretty much every day for the past two weeks and they still aren't done! I really hope they start to slow down. My van needs an oil change and I'm just like nope, I am so done with appointments.

I finally got to meet with my pediatric surgeon and it was great to see her again. She is excited to be doing the c-section with my OB and was excited to see me again. She also took the time to look at my stoma and she eased my worries about the spots that are on it. She isn't exactly sure what they are but since it's not bleeding and I'm not having any pain, she isn't concerned. Phew! Definitely a relief. So the next time I see her will be in the OR when we have our baby. She said that it's great she's there because she can take a good look over baby too and make sure everything is perfect.

We finally finished my gardens and they look amazing. I love how the front garden looks and am so grateful for all of the hard work Chris put into it for me. It was so fun being able to pick out flowers. I have some perennials and I also picked out some annuals because I love the colours and I want to be able to change up some of the colours and flowers each year. Around our patio, I have 3 planters that I've planted things like marigolds, lavender, and lemon grass to try to combat those pesky mosquitoes. And in the veggie garden, I planted tomatoes, peppers, jalapenos,  onions, peas, lettuce, and corn. I think I will also plant some potatoes, I am just waiting on the few I set aside to grow eyes.

I'm hoping this weekend is another nice weekend because I am ready to just sit back and relax on the patio with my book. We have been so busy and so go, go, go that it would be nice to just enjoy some down time, although Chris is still pretty go, go, go with our shed that he is building. Hopefully it's done before baby comes!

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