Friday, 25 May 2018

100 Days of Pregnancy: Day 54

Today was my youngest son's JK orientation. It's hard to believe that he will be starting school in September. He was pretty excited to go and to see his new school. There were 3 different stations set up for the kids to help get them acquainted with school. They were able to take a short bus ride to help ease the jitters they may have around riding a bus. G was the first one on the bus, sat down and just waited patiently. He waved at me once while he was waiting for everyone else to get on the bus and then they left. I was happy I was wearing sunglasses because I was fighting back tears. He just looked so sweet sitting on that bus and so grown up. When they were back from the bus ride, all of the kids got to go to the library and meet the librarian. They were read a story and then we were able to make a craft together. Next, we were able to go into a kindergarten classroom and explore. G was fascinated by the smart board for a bit but then settled in at the playdough station where he added marbles, feathers, rocks, and buttons to his playdough. And finally, we were able to go for a snack and juice box, which G was most excited for and was asking about the whole time. It's all about priorities!

I'm a little sad for G that he will be finishing daycare in about a month. I'm also sad that his favourite teacher won't be in his classroom for his last month.G forms strong bonds so it will be a big adjustment for him. And then to be done daycare, I feel like time is just flying by. He's been there since he was a year old, so it's hard to believe that this chapter of his life is closing and a new one is about to begin.

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