Friday, 27 October 2017

The Big Day!

On Sunday, I was scheduled for blood work and ultrasound. After my ultrasound, the doctor told me that I would be using my trigger shot that evening and to wait until this afternoon for further instructions since they still needed to see my blood results. Once the nurse called, I was instructed to take my trigger shot at 9:30 pm and to also start a medication to help prevent ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome since my estrogen levels were on the higher side (over 10,000). I had no idea how I was going to stay awake until 9:30, I was exhausted.

Tuesday morning was our egg retrieval. I honestly don't remember it being as painful as it was. And the clinic started using more sedation since the last time I did it. I was so uncomfortable. All I remember from the procedure was an IV that was being tricky, being told to breathe, and holding Chris' hand while I lied there with my eyes closed, tears running down my face and being told it was almost over.

They were able to retrieve nine eggs. I can't lie when I say I felt a little disappointed about this. My mind thought about last time when I had more than double that number retrieved. But I reminded myself that I was told that our goal was between 10-15 in hopes they would all be good quality eggs. Well, it turns out, all of the 9 eggs were fertilized using ICSI. That knocked their 75% fertilization rate with ICSI out of the park! As of yesterday, they were all embryos that were looking good. The lab gave me two transfer dates, which were today and Sunday. The transfer would have been today if our embryos took a drastic turn overnight, but there was no call from the lab this morning so that means we transfer an embryo on Sunday.

We are praying that all of the embryos survive and keep growing strong!

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