Thursday, 12 October 2017

Day Two - Blood Work and Ultrasound

Today is day two of my cycle. I had my blood work and ultrasound first thing this morning at 7:30. The clinic was busy and I had to wait over an hour for the ultrasound. While I was waiting, I had the chance to talk to two other women who were waiting outside the ultrasound room with me. One of them was already stimulating and the other was on her day two, like myself.

The fertility clinic has a specific ultrasound room for these early morning appointments. It has two small "holding cells" that connect to it. One woman goes it, she gets called in for the ultrasound, another woman is waiting in the other holding cell. When the first is done, she returns to hers and gets changed and leaves and another woman steps in. So while one is having their ultrasound, another is getting ready. Waiting is a bit tedious. You're sitting in a tiny room with a bench, shelves that have blankets on them, a garbage, a dirty laundry bin, and a speaker that plays music so you cannot hear what is going on inside the ultrasound room. It's uncomfortable waiting inside this tiny box because you are sitting there undressed from the waist down, while on your period. Not an ideal situation.I think they should give you a two minute warning since some ultrasounds are rather long, like the one before I went in.

I received a call from the fertility later in the afternoon with my results. The blood work and the ultrasound were both good and I was told to start my medication tomorrow. It was not my nurse case manager who called which is a little worrisome for me. What if they missed something in my chart and I'm not supposed to start on day 3? She assured me I was, but I still would have rather spoken to my nurse.

So now I wait until tomorrow when I start my injections.


  1. Glad so far everything sounds good. It's always a relief to actually get things moving :)

    1. It is a relief. But I am freaking out a bit over here. It's all kind of daunting for me right now, but we are full steam ahead!