Wednesday, 11 March 2015

It's Started

Baby steps, that's what I'm doing. I called the adoption agency yesterday which happens to be the only one in my province that facilitates embryo donation/adoption. They are a Christian agency and want to give couples the option of embryo donation as opposed to the only options our clinics give us, which is destroy the embryo or donate it to science.

It was scary to call. I found myself listening to the phone ringing on the other end and my heartbeat racing. One of my biggest concerns was that they wouldn't accept just one embryo. And there's some good news and some bad news to this. I was told that couples who participate in this program still have to pay the same adoption and legal fees for one embryo or a group of embryos. I was told that some couples will pay these fees for just one embryo but it doesn't happen very often. The agency will be sending a registration package from the father of the embryo and I to complete and send back.

To me, this is the only option I have. I can't let a perfectly good embryo be destroyed. I know I am asking a lot of a family to spend thousands of dollars on the chance that this embryo may not even thaw, but to me, this is my baby, my baby who could make another family complete. My ex and I have agreed to keep it frozen until we find an adoptive family, so if it takes a month, a year, or years, I refuse to give up on giving this little baby the chance at life it deserves and the loving family it deserves.


  1. I hate there are no easy options for our embryos. I'm curious how your experience goes. Hoping you find a good home for your embie!

    1. Thank you! I don't think it will be an easy road, but I know all things are possible through Christ.

  2. None of this is easy but just the right couple will come along and that one embryo will make them a family!