Monday, 3 February 2014

The Heartache of Infertility

I still think a lot about all of the women still struggling with infertility. That pain is still very much real for them and I wish it was something no one had to endure. No one will ever understand the pain an infertile couple endures and suffers through each day. The loss that women with infertility are forced to face each day. Unless you have tried for years to conceive on your own with no success, suffer a huge loss every time your menstrual cycle begins, sat down with a doctor who tells you that you have a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of conceiving a child on your own and there is no guarantee that the thousands of dollars you will spend on infertility treatments will work, that your eggs may or may not be any good, that even if you become pregnant, there is no guarantee your body will accept the baby, and this list goes on, you will never fully understand the deep, deep pain these families face. There are women on the blogs I read that are still suffering through an extraordinary amount of pain every day because of infertility. I pray so desperately for them to be given their miracle...a miracle they deserve more than ever. I pray their miracle take home baby will be that next fresh or frozen embryo transfer, or the next time they have some alone time with their hubby, or the next phone call from the adoption agency. Whatever it may be, I pray they are blessed with a healthy baby.

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