Friday, 29 September 2017

Step One: Check!

Today was my injection training at the fertility clinic. Chris came along with me to keep me company and to also watch how to use the injections in case I forget. It could happen, right? Being all hopped up on hormones and all.

I have 5 prescriptions total. By the time we got to the fourth one, Chris says "are they ALL injections?!" The nurse and I just looked at him. Why yes, yes they are. See what I am doing over here? So when I need a late night ice cream, please go and get me some ice cream!

We dropped the prescriptions off at the pharmacy and I will be picking up 2 prescriptions this evening, but only half of the dosage. It is what my nurse recommended in case anything were to happen and the cycle needed to be cancelled. Praying that this does not happen!

I clarified the procedure of day 1 of my period and my nurse said that yes, on day one I phone in and depending on when day 1 happens (if it is during hours or late in the evening and no one is there to answer the phone) that I would come in on either day 2 or day 3 for bloodwork and ultrasound to determine if and when to start the medication. Then she took a peak at my file and realized that the doctor has specifically asked me to come in on day 2. So if my period begins late at night (which is what it seems to do), I am to call the office, leave a message to say I will be there in the morning for the ultrasound and then while I am there they will send my blood work information for me to get done afterwards. I'll just have to do things a little backwards. And then I will go about my day and wait for the phone call to see if I can start our cycle!

Please pray for us! The power of prayer is so strong!!

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