Thursday, 28 September 2017

Injection Training

Tomorrow is an exciting day for us. We have an appointment at our fertility clinic to go over what will be happening next month, go over injections, and picking up prescriptions. I feel like this is step one in our IVF cycle and it is making me eager. Chris will be coming with me which is important to me. He's been a part of this whole process and wants this to be a team thing. It's amazing to have his support and his enthusiasm. He is just as excited as I am. We are doing this together and with his love and support it makes it a little less scary for me.

Tomorrow I also plan on filling my prescriptions at the pharmacy to pick up so I can be ready for whenever day one comes. Our insurance company should be covering 80% of the prescriptions which is a relief because these medications are not cheap by any means. Everything helps and we are very grateful.

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