Thursday, 12 May 2016


Trusting is not always an easy thing and when you feel as if God is being silent and just standing by while you are screaming out to Him, it is very hard to trust. But God has shown me time and time again that I need to continuously trust in Him. And this is what I am doing with Finn. 

God answered my prayer at the last possible second (at least that's how I felt). God had a plan for Finn all along and I almost gave up. But God sent a beautiful family into my life who adopted Finn and welcomed him into their family. Through this process I continued to trust God. I prayed for answers and prayed for comfort. I prayed to know that I was doing the right thing and God gave me answers and He gave me the comfort in knowing that this family is the family Finn is meant to be with. Families are created in many different ways. I am Finn's biological mom, but Finn also has another mom, a mom who will raise him (or her) and love him (or her) just as much me (and there is a lot of comfort in knowing this). God used me as a beautiful piece to Finn's puzzle and I am happy I could be a part of it. 

So today, I am choosing to trust God. And tomorrow, I will do the same thing. Finn's transfer was yesterday and I chose to trust God. This is God's plan. So when Finn's mom told me that Finn is a high quality embryo and thawed beautifully, I couldn't help but squeal (literally) in delight and praise God! Because this is God's plan and I will trust! 

So keep on shining Finn! This is your time to shine! 

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