Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Currently I am

I've seen a few blogs with these types of posts so I thought I would give them a try...not sure how often I will do them yet, but here's my first was rather fun to write!

Currently, I am...

Enjoying: The weather. Normally by now we have snow. I was reminded of this from one of my social media accounts when a memory of J popper up all bundled up in his snow suit playing outside in the snow.

Feeling: Very overwhelmed. The thought of paying for a wedding and IVF has been worked up.

Wishing: For a miracle...which I think all infertility mamas are.

Loving: My boyfriend! He has been so supportive the past few days and it's a really good feeling to know that I have him to lean on and that when I do not feel strong, I have him to be strong for me.

Hating: How emotional I am this week. PMS wreaks havoc on my emotions a week before my period and these past few days haven't been the greatest. Everything is making me cry!

Anticipating: Putting up our Christmas tree this weekend! I can't wait to watch J decorate it and the boys to enjoy it!

Watching: Survivor and The Amazing Race...I'm a reality TV junkie!

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  1. Yay!! So happy you did this....I posted mine yesterday! I love reality TV too...mainly Real bad, but so good! LOL!